Off Road Buggy Excursions Curacao

Off Road Buggy excursies. De speeltuin is een 5000 hectare groot landgoed op Curacao met de tweede hoogste top van Curacao kijkt uit over het Oosten, westen en zelfs Bonaire. De tocht gaat over steile beklimmingen en drops, hoge snelheid bush paden, onder de bomen en door het water. U ziet alle geologische formaties van curacao en sommige landschap stopt afkoelen en stof af.

  • Duur: 2 uren
  • Minimum leeftijd: 8 jaar + 1 Volwassene of alleen met minimaal 16 jaar oud
  • Prijs € 130. Extra passagier € 18.

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This excursion includes steep climbs and drops, high-speed bush trails, and rambling under trees and past the water. You will see all sorts of geological formations native to Curacao, and enjoy scenic stops where you can cool and dust off, or even hang out for an hour or two enjoying the wildlife and solitude.

When people envision the Caribbean, they often think of sandy beaches and warm blue water, but they typically forget that the majority of the Caribbean culture lies in the heart of the islands. Mountainous peaks and hidden valleys are the foundation of traditions that stretch back hundreds of years, and provide a beautiful alternative to the stereotypical beach experience. But with the accessibility of off-road buggies, there’s not reason you can’t experience both, even on the same day!

From the ocean to the mountains and back again, rambling over radical terrain and watching the beauty of Curacao blur by, or stopping for a quiet picnic hours away from the nearest people—going off-road means going wherever you want, without being limited to pavement and cities. And after all, who comes to the Caribbean to be surrounded by lots of people? Get out there and explore—Curacao awaits!

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€ 130,00 (incl. O.B)

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